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What Is Religion

Separation of Church & State (the modern view) is not the original teaching of the Founding Fathers. It is not a historical teaching. It is not a teaching of law (until recently). It is not a Biblical teaching. The current view is that Christians can be the light and salt of the world, but only within the four walls of their church.

1961 & 1985 Torcaso vs. Watkins: Ruled that Secular Humanism is a viable First Amendment religion. Secular religion has a philosophy that simply states that God has no place within their religion. It is a philosophy based on men, and not on God.

1977 - Theriault vs. Silber & Malnak vs. Yogi:
Ruled that atheism is a religion. It is the religion of practicing no religion.

Whatever you believe with all your heart, whatever affects the way you act, whatever you believe so strongly that it changes your behavior, that is your religion.

Atheism: Religiously practicing non-religion.

People may now give contributions to satanic groups and get the same tax deductions as people who give to Christian churches.

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