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Carlsbad, California
Skater Bios


Skater's Biography Information

Photo-JohnHughes-Fish-175x240.jpg John Hughes       [Go To Photo and Biography Page]
First Y.M.C.A. La Costa contest 1975; Kneeboard jump 42ft
Cover of sports page - Coast dispatch newspaper.
Pioneered Downhill Kneeboards - 2nd place at 1976 Signal Hill
Founder of Unlimited Freighting Objects (U.F.O.) skateboard wheels 1976
Skateboard the Movie - 1977 Played the bad guy in the Downhill race
Wide World of Sports 1977
Skateboarder Magazine - Who's Hot article 1978
International Skateboard Association trading card/1978

Sam Puccio - Signal Hill Race
Sam Puccio       [Go To Photo and Biography Page]
Founder of Street Luge
1976 World Speed Record
of 54 mph at Signal Hill


ClipArt-Pirate-Skull-Swords-RedScarf-Flag-300x165.jpg Guy Grundy       [Go To Photo and Biography Page]
1st Downhill Skateboarding World Record
1975 Signal Hill - 50.2 mph

ClipArt-RussHowell-KickTurnSilhouette-T-109x176.gif Russ Howell       [Go To Photo and Biography Page]
Winner of the Del Mar Ocean Festival Skateboard National Contest in 1975
Two-time World Skateboarding Champion: 1976-1977
World Record for most 360 Spins - 163
Guinness World Record for Longest Handstand on a Skateboard
Author of three skateboarding books
Promoted Skateboarding in: United States (including Hawaii and Alaska), Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Japan, Peru
College degrees in: Mathematics, Physical Education, Computers and Education

YouTube - Russ Spinning 97 360's
NEW Dusters Russ Howell Cruiser Skateboard
Russ Howell Web Sites
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